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PPEL - Review AB and LO (Activity 3, Task 3)

For this task we have to do a review from an LO and an AB.

Annotated Bibliography

In general I learn lots of things about my colleagues and they give me ideas to do my own work. However I think that the use of videos and images (I’m also included in here) should be review and if we don’t know if they are Open Resources (Educational or others) or not and if we don’t know who is the author so, I think that is a good idea to put the site where that resource was.

About AB I’ll review Margarida Marmeleira and Alberto Cardoso work because they present 2 types of AB.

1) Alberto Cardoso AB – in fact this AB show us an evolution to the meaning of transparency process trough questions. This is very positive, but I couldn’t understand what was the bibliography used, so I think that in this AB Alberto should put the Bibliography in the first paragraph or, when he’s going to talk about something he should mention what are the sources. I also think that is a great idea if Alberto put some conclusion in his work (in the final) to gives us the perception from what was the most important in the contents of the AB (but this is only my opinion).

2) Ana Marmeleira AB – I liked the experimental cases of transparency that was given; she describes what transparency is (in general) but doesn’t present tools (only e-portfolio) that show us online transparency. In this case I think that Margarida should give examples of other tools and, like I say in Alberto Cardoso AB the idea of doing a conclusion in the final it give us a general vision of what she learn about AB.

Learning Objects
In fact there weren’t so much new tools used like in Activity 2. In this Activity there were lots of people using Xtranormal and Go!Animate. I don’t know work with this tools but I think the second give us more interactivity whit the different scenarios and the personages that we can put in them (I’m remember Carla Maria Elias LO from activity 1); the first tool (xtranormal) is a little bit less interactive (the personage only does monologues, but they don’t move hands or made movements).

About LO I’ll review Carla Maria Elias and Alberto Cardoso work

1) Carla Maria Elias LO – I think a great idea chose Larry King and Sarah Palin to an interview (with xtranormal); however I think that the personages should be more interactive, they could do gestures with their hands and they should move a little bit more (I don’t know if it is possible) or put other images that interact whit the spectator.

2) Alberto Cardoso LO – Alberto does 3 LO and it show us the development of its capacity to work with videos (making videos). In the first one he shows a dialogue not very interactive; in the second he shows a monologue and I think he should put some other pictures to interact with the spectator. In the third LO he used Go!Animate and we does a really great job because he put Professor Paulsen talking about is own theory (it’s a good way of not doing plagiarism).

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