terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Unit 1; Activity 3 - PPEL

Annoted Bibliography: from what I saw in my colleagues AB I’ve learn some things and I think I have to review and rewrite my AB.

António Pedro AB: His AB is very interesting in a particular way: he stands a group of questions to make understand collaborative and cooperative learning; he also stands a question related whit pedagogical techniques. It’s an AB synthetic but well done. I learn whit him that we should propose questions and try to answered to them to understand what’s mean to understand.

Maria João Spilker: in this AB there’s a very good structure what means about transparence in cooperative freedom. This is not very understandable in my AB; I need to talk about this item. I need to talk about the hexagon of cooperative freedom.

Hugo Domingos: It was a good structure which harmonize lecture with write and images. It isn’t a tiring lecture.

Paula Silva: She introduces a very important item – the article relevance to the theme analyses -; in my future AB I will introduce this item.

In all the AB that I read I saw a preoccupation whit the difference between Individual, Collaborative and Cooperative learning. The most of all talk’s about six freedoms and the transparence term in cooperative freedom (that is not well done or perceptible in my AB). I also learn that I should be more synthetic and try to write about the article relevance to the theme that I’m analyse.

Learning Object: In most of LO we saw the learner perspective; in a few we saw the tutor perspective.

I’ve discover Prezi that is a great instrument to present in an interactive way. I’ve done this discover whit Maria João LO. However Prezi is not easy to work because there is a redoubled work whit the space in a giant screen and he have to be very careful whit the spacing between content because if not the lecture could be confuse or disperse. That’s what happen in Paula Silva LO. In Juliana LO we saw the professor challenge but isn’t very specific (in my point of view) his tasks (it isn’t need, but if it has it will give us a more global perspective). In BD I saw that we shouldn’t put big speacks or, if we do it, we shouldn’t put a character because it will be cut. In Joaquim LO I think that is a grateful job, but I can’t understand the difference between collaborative and cooperative learning. Whit Maria Leal I’ve discovery the Xtranormal to do some amusing films.

Whit my colleagues I’ve learn that there is lots of tools to do Open Educational Resources. In other task I’ll try to do other LO with other new tool (for me).

One question that I put to myself when I start to do my LO - initially I start to do a power-point – is: what images I could put in here… lot of them aren’t license in OER; so I chose to do something different and that I don’t need to use images. Now I know where I find them, but… there some great images that aren’t free.

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