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United 2, Task 1 - Interaction Strategies

3) Interaction Strategies


It’s about large scale interaction strategies and it talks about: multi-group interaction (there are groups whit students and a facilitator), forum interaction (it’s similar to the muiti group but with an other interaction between the different groups), sub - group interaction(with a particular discussion area), large group interaction (it’s an experimental type of interaction), meta – interaction (similar to a radio talk show).

Relevance: It show us five interaction strategies and what is made in each one of them (by the group and the facilitator).


It’s about types of synchronous interaction and presents teleconferencing, video conferencing, chat rooms, instant messaging and online collaborative tools. Down we see the presentation of this last type of synchronous interaction:

Relevance: It show us five types of synchronous interaction, giving us the the benefits and the issues of witch one.

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