terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

United 2, task 3

Annoted Bibliography : from what I saw in my colleagues AB I’ve learn more things about this theme.

I’ve choice one A.B. particularly because it made an initial aboard about different authors and its perspective of the theme with some interesting images. It’s Joaquim Costa Pinto AB.
Of course that the others AB are very well conceived but this has this forte. Some colleagues put slides to explain what are they talking about as Hugo Domingos or put videos or made link’s to websites that show us what they are explain it - like António Pedro -.

I think the AB is having a well development and they are not bored because they have lot’s of thinks: text, images, slides, videos, link’s to sites, among other things.

Learning Object : In most of LO we saw different tools working whit the same theme.

Carla Elias - used Vuvox – a very interest way to put thing’s in a same hall but taking different perspectives;
Maria Leal – used Gogster, which is similar to vuvox but with other apresentation;
Isabel Manteigas – her prezi is very well done and it focus in the theme (in part’s, wich explain it well);
Fernando Faria – I’ve loved the Disney pictures.
Curiously Isabel and Fernado talk’s with the same language but whit different tools.
António Pedro – used Wix – that is an a presentation with movement and animated images.

So… what can I say:
If AB is having a very well development and became interactive with the public, LO is became a fantastic way to share tools and show us its action.

A difficult that I've depared is: the license to use same pictures or objects.

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