terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

United 2, Task 1 - Models of Interaction

1) Models of Interaction


It compares Face-to-Face and Online Interaction as we see in this table:

Relevance: make the difference between face to face and online interaction.


This link talk’s about two models for facilitating asynchronous discussion in an on-line learning environment: first it talk’s about Amount of Interactivity Model (access and motivation, online socialization, information exchange, knowledge construction and development – all of them are done in two steps: e-moderating and technical support), then it talk’s about Concord Consortium Model (it talk’s about Social dialogue, argumentative dialogue and pragmatic dialogue. This model also talk’s about the roles of the facilitator and the healthy on-line communities). This is explains to us in ‘voice’ and show us some images, like we were really in a class.

Relevance: It explains too models of asynchronous discussion and it’s paper in e-learning environment.

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